Topics: Critical thinking, Ethics, Problem solving Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Ryann Clark
August 11, 2012
Julie Hutchins

I value individual balance when I am seeking to satisfy my duties. This is known, as temperance; meaning moderation or self-restraint. As you continue to read, I will be discussing a little on critical thinking, responsibility and I will also point out a couple down falls. You will discover briefly, how I feel about responsibility and my work ethics.

Critical thinking is something I do every day both at work and at home. When I take on a new job or project, I use critical thinking to analyze a problem and learn how to solve it. I find myself at my best when I am aware of my duties on a project, learning new information and becoming familiar with the rules and guidelines necessary to complete a project. Critical thinking helps me to understand my reasons for acting and believing that the motive justifies the method. This self-knowledge helps me to see all aspects of the project so I can see the big picture rather than focus on a small piece of the whole.

If I find myself not paying attention, I can be tempted to excuse myself from following the rules. I often find myself revisiting how a project needs to be completed in a certain way so I do not overstep any boundaries. I try not to obsess over minute details because they can at times consume me and leave me feeling as though I do not have enough self-knowledge. I do not want to get exhausted, so I make a point to practice mindfulness and take time to reflect.

Temperance, fulfilling duties, and self-knowledge are the main three points that I value as an individual. Completing all the duties that I am given to the fullest extent with the guidelines that protect the project, gives me the satisfaction I need for a “job well done.” An ethical person is one who fulfills his or her duties and...
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