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Based on society’s ethics, laws are created and enforced by governments to mediate in our relationships with each other. Laws are made by governments in order to protect its citizens. The judiciary, legislature, and public officials are the three main bodies in a government that are assigned to the task of the creation of laws.

Laws have to be approved and written by these three branches of government before they are implemented and enforced by the police and the military, with the help of the legal system consisting of lawyers and other government servants.

While laws carry with them a punishment for violations, ethics does not. In ethics everything depends on the person’s conscience and self worth. Driving carefully and within the speed limit because you don’t want to hurt someone is ethical, but if you drive slowly because you see a police car behind you, this suggests your fear of breaking the law and being punished for it.

Ethics comes from within a person’s moral sense and desire to preserve his self respect. It is not as strict as laws. Laws are codifications of certain ethical values meant to help regulate society, and punishments for breaking them can be harsh and sometimes even break ethical standards.

Legal and Ethics Behaviors
Legal behavior refers to the variations in the degree of governmental social control of one's behavior for instance not obeying the traffic laws.

Ethical behavior on the other hand is being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong which govern the conduct of a profession. For example dealing badly with your female employees is unethical but not illegal. In an ideal society however legal and ethical standards/laws should be the same.

Ethical behavior means characterized by honesty, fairness and equity in interpersonal, and professional academic relationships and in research and scholarly activities. Ethical behavior respects the dignity, diversity and rights of individuals and groups of people.

* In general, ethics is a moral philosophy where a person makes a specific moral choice and sticks to it.

* Law is a legal system comprising of rules and principles that govern the affairs of a community and controlled by a political authority. Law differs from one country to another.

Differentiate in between legal and ethical behaviors.

Law| Ethics|
* Punishment| * No punishment|
* Cannot be enforced independently| * Can be enforced independently| * Legal standards are negative.| * Ethical standards are more positive.| * Control by government| * Guideline from parent or teacher| * Law only doing what is legal.| * Ethics is doing the right thing.| * Must be follow| * Free to follow|

* Universals| * Depends On Country|

A certain behavior could be legal but not ethical. Example like at below: * Lying.

* Abortion.
* Artificial contraception.
* Sleeping in class when teacher teaching.

* Littering in public places.
* Loud music when midnight.

* Spitting in public places.

* Read her/him diary without he/she approve.
* Anywhere into other people's rooms.
* Using horn at the area hospital

Engineer’s Role in Ethics

Engineer’s role in ethics is hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. So engineers need learn engineering ethics. Engineering Ethics is the study of moral issues...

References: 1.
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