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Table of Contents
Executive Summaryvi

1.0 Introduction1
1.1 Origin2
1.2 Objective2
1.3 Scope2
1.4 Limitation2
1.5 Literature Review3
1.5.1 The evolution of codes3
1.5.2 Signs of Code Effectiveness and Success3
1.5.3 Ethics Management4
1.6 Research Methodology5
1.6.1 Research Method5
1.6.2 Data Collection Method5
2.0 Company Overview6
2.1 Company Roots6
2.2 Global Scope6
2.3 Technology and Emerging Energy6
2.4 Environment and Safety7
2.5 Company Vision7
2.6 Company Values7
2.7 Ethical Practices7
3.0 Ethical Practices at Chevron9
3.1 Code of Ethics9
3.2 Dissemination of Code of Ethics9
3.3 Application of Code of Ethics10
3.4 Training on Ethics10
3.5 Management Support for Ethical Conduct10
3.6 Reporting Ethical Misconduct10
3.7 Protection of Employee after Reporting11
3.8 Monitoring Ethical Misconduct11
3.9 Disciplinary Methods11
3.10 Reward System11
3.11 Updating Ethical Guidelines12
3.12 Previously Observed Unethical Conduct12
3.13 Challenges in Enforcing Code of Ethics12
3.14 Home Country versus Host Country12
3.15 Management’s Perception about Code of Ethics13
3.16 Employee Perception about Code of Ethics13
4.0 Conclusion14



Executive Summary

The term paper on ‘Ethical State and Ethical Practices in CHEVRON’ has been made focusing on the outline of the Code of Ethics of the specific organization and how it is practiced in the organization.

The information was collected from primary and secondary research. Primary data was collected through survey which was used to determine response of both management and employee toward the code of ethics. Secondary data was collected through library research. The information gathered to understand the boundary addressed in the code of ethics as well as its application. It discusses the ways of how can this code be successfully communicated and executed within the scope of the report. It also tries to link the impact of the ethical misconduct in an organization to its subsequent procedures to be followed to encounter this impact with a view to judge the effectiveness of the disciplinary process. According to the information and suggestions, the report sets out to do the qualitative research.

On final notes, the report provides a summary based on the findings. The depth of the study allows us to summarize the findings into a conclusion. The report reveals that the organization has a well-organized code of ethics. It reveals that guidelines are applied equally to all the employees.. Majority of the employees are satisfied with the ethical guidelines provided by the organization. They feel like valued citizens of the organization as their opinions are considered. 1.0 Introduction

A code of conduct is intended to be a central guide and reference for users in support of day-to-day decision making. It is meant to clarify an organization's mission, values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct. As a reference, it can be used to locate relevant documents, services and other resources related to ethics within the organization. A code is an open disclosure of the way an organization operates. It provides visible guidelines for behavior. A well-written and thoughtful code also serves as an important communication vehicle that "reflects the covenant that an organization has made to uphold its most important values, dealing with such matters as its commitment to employees, its standards for doing business and its relationship with the community."

Ethical codes are adopted by organizations to assist members in understanding the difference between 'right' and 'wrong' and in applying that understanding to their decisions. An ethical code generally implies documents at three levels: codes of business ethics, codes of conduct for employees, and codes of professional practice. A code of...

References: • Principles of Stakeholder Management, The Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics, 1999.
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