Topics: Food safety, Problem solving, Competition Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 13, 2013

The Case talk about Nutritional Foods problems, About the problem solving process, which are First Warnings, Concern Deepens, Time to Act and Crisis. How James solve problem in ethic way.

If I were the CEO James I would like make a decision . First of all Recall all the unqualified products.Secondly confirm the food poisoning is ate my company's products.Thirdly public apology and give the people with food poisoning compensation.Finally how to improve products and gain people's trust.

From corporate social responsibility point of view and to the protection of consumers should recall unqualified food. In order to strengthen and standardize the blocked food quality safety management work.Ensure that the company's product quality hidden trouble in found or the occurrence of major accidents to get the timely recall or rapid processing to minimize product defects because of the health of consumers, the damage will be reduced to the minimum loss. At first warmings part .James should pay attention in picking, transportation, processing of fresh products and check all the process.

From the point of view of the utilitarianism we need to protect consumers and our company, check whether consumers eat our food cause food poisoning.I think the occurrence of food poisoning with different area people eating habits connected.Check what to find out the problems of food quality is not qualified.For the people with food poisoning for medical checks, check is dietary habits or eating the wrong other things.Poisoning patients in the near time eat some of the same food poisoning, the person all is eaters, stop eating the food poisoning after the stop quickly.From different patients and food poisoning in the detection of the same pathogen.At this time we should pay more attention to food quality and production.

From the standpoint of social contract theory, I think the food safety as a moral bottom line, as the basic strategies of the enterprise...
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