Ethical Theories

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Political Ethical Theory
In 2008 Barack Obama and John McCain competed for the popular vote in order win the presidential election held on November 4, 2008. During the presidential election campaign, the major party candidates ran on a platform of change and reform in Washington. This was because the economy was in such peril and on the edge of recession (Farrell, 2008). Barack Obama was “the idealist outsider who ran on a platform of bringing change to the Washington establishment and giving Americans hope” (Feldman, 2012). On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama received the popular vote of 66,882,230. This paper will discuss ethical theories Barack Obama has displayed as president of the United States (U.S).


The indivisual
President Obama’s presidential platform and campaign slogan “change we need” should have prepped Americans for numerous proposed changes in the direction and the tone of the country. Changes, of course run the risk of rejection because everyone will not be happy. However, what is best for most more than likely is not going to make everyone happy. The governing philosophy of the Obama administration portrays the ideas and principals utilitarianism. After hearing President Obamas first speech, he has voiced not only what change's we need but also why. The why is always what’s best for the citizens of the U.S, and the people are the country. His actions have not always rallied for what he believes, but in the end has always benefited the greater good for the country.

Specific issues
For example, the corporate bailouts, at the time Senator Obama chastised Wall Street executives for accepting 20 billion in bonuses, at a time when most institutions were teetering on collapse. “They are asking for taxpayers to help sustain them, when they are not willing to do the same when they are having financial difficulty” (James, 2009 page 2). Obama said...
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