Ethical System Table

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Value Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: January 13, 2011
Personal Values Development Paper
Yolanda Buchanan
January 11, 2011
Edward Peet

Personal Values Development Paper
Ethics will always play a big part in our everyday lives. We deal with ethics issues everyday with our family, friends, and the workplace. As being employees for an organization, we should always be concerned about their ethical values. Organizations should always cares about their ethics. As people we depend on our employer to keep their employees and customers safe. No matter what kind of job that you do, we are human. The Media plays a big role in Ethics. The Media will focus on things in every type of organization. The Media can help or harm any organization depending on the story that they are telling to the public. The reputation of an organization matters dealing with ethical standards. A lot of organizations base their work on Ethic Values. Some organizations will have Ethic Training Classes, Rules and Regulations, and let their employees voice their concerns about the company. This will help the organization to run their business the proper way.

My values and morals come from how I was raised as a child. My father was in my life off and on. My father had got married and basically forgot about my bother and me. My mother have always played a big part in my life. My mother raised me right and taught me right and wrong. She taught me there is no limitations to what you want to accomplish in my life. My Ethics in decision making is a moral philosophy. This help me develop a thought to understand my fundamental values, both personal and professional. Consumers and society as a whole want to see more organizations accountability. They want a business to be more actively think about how they treat employees, but also how a organization code of ethics extends to the consumer.

When I go into work, I put forth my work ethics in many ways. I always keep a open mind on things. If I have any questions about something, I will...
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