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Ethical Standards for Human Research

Ethical Standards for Human Research
While working with humans in research there have been many heated debates as to what is considered ethical and to what extent, if any, should researchers deceive their subjects. As a team, there was a discussion where the three questions discussed were the following: In assessing risk to benefit, on what bases do you make the ultimate determination of how much risk is acceptable and how much benefit is necessary? How do you determine when and under what circumstances deceit is allowable? What is the criteria that must be met? It has been said that the end never justifies the means used to achieve it. Discuss examples in history where this principle was violated. What do you think went wrong? These questions will remain to be debated throughout the remainder of our lifetime because values within each individual related to the research will have a different motivation for the research to take place. Here is how our team dealt with the discussion. Question 1 discussion

The discussion for assessing the risk to benefit started with the example of a mother taking anti-depressant medication during pregnancy and the risks of the healthy development in a fetus. All team members believe it was a personal choice to the individual making the decision. A team member expressed that the mother should look at each side, herself and the baby in this decision. One team member gave a personal example of weighing the risks and benefits of taking insulin when diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She met with her doctor and diabetes specialist to obtain as much information as she could. This team member felt that it should be left up to the mother to make the final decision. Another team member believed that if the risks were really high, it may not be worth it. The situation is the determining factor and what the individual feels is worth more, the risk or the...

References: Freeman, S. J. (2000). Ethics: An introduction to philosophy and practice. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.
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