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Ethical Scrapbook Part Two
Octavia Perkins
Janet Evans

Ethical Scrapbook Part Two
The ethical scrapbook part two coincides with further evaluations in regard to 12 contemporary examples of different situations, and circumstances. With these 12 contemporary examples, in which further discusses each team member’s evaluation, and opinions of each example. These examples include: Police Acts of Kindness, People reaching out after hurricane Sandy, Daughter display of Kindness, Acts of Vigilantism, Community Revenge, Diana, the Hunter of Bus Drivers, Women Demand Respect, Salt March, Flying Pickets, and Sit-ins. In addition, these examples also include Poll tax Non-Payment, Professionals committing crimes, in which Kenneth Lay, along with Stuart Greenberg, and James Traficant who represents individuals who has the role of professionals committing such crimes. With these 12 contemporary examples, each team member’s goal is to decide if the particular individual makes the best decision given the circumstances and can one see himself or herself acting similarly in theses similar circumstances. With comparing one’s individual response as a team, these responses will permit answers pertaining to examples that generate an agreement between each team member. These examples will generate disagreement, along with the reflection of each disagreement in terms of an individual’s personal values. With further detail, one will also answer the following: laws for acting as a Good Samaritan. In addition, Vigilantism becoming a part of the criminal justice system when it fails, along with the circumstances of which one may violate the law in regard to enforcing the law. One’s opinion on civil disobedience becoming effective with changes to the law, along with certain laws to become in agreement when considering violating to change, and determining conditions that exist within a profession, excluding that of criminal justice professions, in which contributes to unethical behaviors. In addition, deciding if the American society has become predisposed to ethical or unethical behaviors. Finalizing the summary is to identify the ethical considerations for both the future of the criminal justice system, and reducing ethical violations.

With the 12 contemporary examples for each solution, team members will provide the best resolution of one’s opinion for every scenario. Police Acts of Kindness Review
The best decision of an individual in regard to Police Acts of Kindness, one answers that the police officers went out of his or her jurisdiction to assist children who are at a high-risk of involving themselves among other youth of troubling paths. These officers also assist with providing positive outcomes for the youth, instead of involvement in gang activity, and drug involvement. With this particular example, one may find themselves acting in the similar circumstances of the police officers. These circumstances involve the opportunity to help individuals, and believe one is making a difference in another person’s life. As a result, the experience becomes rewarding, and to have the personal knowledge that another individual’s goals have become meant. Hurricane Sandy Review

The best decision of an individual in regard to hurricane Sandy, one may answer the outcome in giving freely. These acts of kindness and giving freely include free medical care to those who cannot afford medicine. In addition, an individual provides home electricity to charge cellphones of individuals to reach out to family and friends. If one could act similarly, individuals will not pay for medical care, and other non-perishable supplies. Daughter displays Kindness Review

The best possible decision of an individual in regard to a daughter displaying kindness, one may also answer to have the assurance of the community is an amazing accomplishment, in which helps both the sister and aunt readjust to life circumstances. If...

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