Ethical rights

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To Tell or Not
With cheating there are always many things that are effected. While many students think about the themselves and whats best for them to pass a hard class. They never realize the effects of what it would have on a person who witnessed it especially if it was a friend. Francesca is caught in a situation where in her college chemistry class she witnesses her friends cheating on their mid-term. She was studying all night long for this test while her friends were out all night partying. Normally this cheating would not affect her but in this chemistry class the teacher grades on a curve. If the kids do well on the test because of cheating the curve would not be in the favor of the other kids and Francesca. Francesca is debating if she should let it go or tell the teacher. If Francesca uses the Utility test it would be ethical for her to tell the teacher that her friends were cheating on the mid-term so the curve is not effected.

With Francesca telling the teacher is would be maximizing the good for her. Her friends that are cheating on the mid-term would the effect Francesca because then if she fails this test she would be catch up the semester. With the semester almost over she wouldn't have the time to safe her grade from a bad test score. With the failing of the test it could set her up to fail the class. Without telling, it would not be maximizing the good for her on the test; the chances of her getting a good grade goes down a lot because of her friends cheating. By telling the teacher it would put her in a chance to better asses how much she knows of what she has been learning. With the test not showing her true ability in the class, and the teacher would not see what type of student she really is. This is why it would be better for her to tell her teacher about her friends that were cheating.

By Francesca also telling the teacher it would maximize the good for the class. Without the cheaters setting the curve at a crazy...
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