Ethical Proposal for Allsaints

Topics: Hemp, Ethics, Sustainability Pages: 11 (2968 words) Published: March 6, 2011
AllSaints Spitalfields is a British brand, founded in 1994. The reason of I choose this brand is because the eye catching full screen of vintage sew machines displayed on the shop front, which gave me a huge impact at the beginning. After study, AllSaints is a fashion brand blend with Rock & Roll element, but how to link up the sewing machines with music? Due to the further investigate, the brand want to express the quality of their merchandises, which like a traditional tailor made pieces, and also is one of the significant heritages of British, as Rock n Roll.

My aim is to link up the environmental issue to the potential saleable fashion brand, as AllSaint. However, the brand announced to the DIVA magazine that, ‘… The ethical angle is not a way we choose to promote the brand.’ How I can insert the ethical values into the Rock fashion brand as a whole? For this reason, I am going to focus on the sustainable development for the fashion business first.

Initially, I will suggest the brand to apply the sustainable fabric, Cannabis Satival, for a small part of the collection, campaign name is “Healthy Hemp Party”, and hop it can gradually change the whole collection to become Rock and eco-friendly. It is not only elevating the brand’s reputation, but also building up a sustainable business plan for their healthy future from now on.

1. Brand Introduction and Philosophy
AllSaints Spitalfields is a British High Street Retailer, established in 1994, and named after All Saints Road in Notting Hill, is based in Spitalfields, in London, as a wholesaling menswear brand in worldwide. The name of Allsaints also refers to 60’s TV icon Simon Templar, notorious for its artistic and musical associations. Musical heritage plays an integral part to the design signature and culture of the company.

Consequently, the brand had a long term collaboration and supporting the music industry, such as U2, Stereophonics, Kelis, Robbie Williams, Kooks, Babyshambles and Kings of Leon and so on, which is a testament of the spirit of the company, and host private underground AllMusic parties throughout the year. On 1 November1997, All Saint Day, the brand opened the first standalone store in Fouber Place. In the next year the womenswear was born.

US singer wearing AllSaints clothing, US GQ Magazine December 2010
Allsaints produces clothing aimed towards a younger niche and conscious shoppers. It is a multiple retailer offering menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, accessories, footwear and small home decorative furnishings. It has over 70 stores in the UK, Paris, Berlin, Antwerp, Ireland, America, Hong Kong and Japan. It is acclaimed for its unique brand won’t follow the seasonal trend, sharp edge, rock n roll inspired clothing.

2. Position in the market
2.1Brand Image
AllSaints focus is on creating vintage-inspired pieces that blend culture, fashion and music. Consistently produce forward thinking and directional collections to their conscious customers. And also expresses individuality and unique attitude into the fashion, very particular aesthetic: a distinctive look.

It is not a cheerful or girlish fashion brand, which can found from their trade mark ram skull logo, the motif of the brand is the fine blended of moody darkness, Victoria gothic, distressed, but it still looks vintage chic and the custom-made touch-up made each pieces to be unique. All gave the brand rock-like remix.

The signature Items of the AllSaints are washed leathers goods, fine gauge knitwear, skinny leather jacket, battered denim, scuffed boot and deconstruction dresses. And it has their identical color tone such as cream white, pale beige, dirty brown, sea of black and dusty grey & black. Besides they always use the crumpled fabrics and clothes appear to be lopsided on their design, but it looks well worn on. Other values of differentiation in the market are some of the clothing can be worn in multiple ways, and...
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