Ethical Principles for Research

Topics: Ethics, Autonomy, Morality Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Ethical Principles for Research

There is four well-known moral principles constitute the basis for ethics in research.They are first, the principle of non-maleficence.It means that the research must not cause harm to the participants in particular and to people in general.Second is the principle of beneficence.That show the Research should also make a positive contribution towards the welfare of people.It should be provide benefit for whatever treatment is.Third is the principle of autonomy. The research must respect and protect the rights and dignity of participants.For my perspective if my doctor ask me to take an antibiotic to treat the infection, is my right to consent the treatment or withdraw my consent.Next is the principle of justice.The benefits and risks of research should be fairly distributed among people. The ten general ethical principles, presently relevant for social science research in health are as follows.First is essentiality.This is for undertaking research it is necessary to make all possible efforts to get and give adequate consideration to existing literature/knowledge and its relevance, and the alternatives available on the subject/ issue under the study.Second is, Maximisation of public interest and of social justice. That means that the research is a social activity, carried out for the benefit of society. It should be undertaken with the motive of maximisation of public interest and social justice.Third is knowledge, ability and commitment to do research. It shows that sincere commitment to research in general and to the relevant subject in particular, and readiness to acquire adequate knowledge, ability and skill for undertaking particular research are essential prerequisites for good and ethical research. Next is the respect and protection of autonomy, rights and dignity of participants.This research involving participation of individual must not only respect, but also protect the autonomy, the rights and the...
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