Ethical Principles

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An Analysis of Ethical Principles in The Evaluation
The term ‘ethical’, as I have come to apprehend it, is not just conforming to putative standards of conduct, but dealing with what is good or bad and with moral duty and obligation. Thomas A. Schwandt, a professor at the University of Illinois, notes that “while we can live in a world without standards and guidelines, we cannot live in a world without ethics.” Although, standards and guidelines have become prominent and are important guides in today’s evaluation process, a greater emphasis is laid on high ethical standards. Evaluators are faced with challenging issues in which they are expected to act in ways that are consistent with the principles of the company and epitomize exemplary ethical behavior. In this paper I will analyze the issue confronting an evaluator in a case study and explain how it can be resolved using some recognized ethical principles.

The case centers on the evaluation process in an international organization, Siam Chemicals Company (SCC), and its parent company, Chimique Helevetique Ltd. (CHL). Like most companies or organizations, SCC went through an annual evaluation process “to measure an individual’s input and output, competencies and results.” It established a standardized format in which all its companies worldwide were to follow in evaluating management grades. The basis of the assessment was on achieving set goals by a certain period with a grading system ranging form A to E; an A grade signified an outstanding performance while an E grade indicated a problematic performance. Richard Evans, an Englishman, was the Managing Director of Siam Chemicals Company. Having worked for CHL for a couple of years, he had come to understand the standards, guidelines, and principles. Evans’ new position relocated him and his family to Thailand, and they found it difficult to adjust to the new culture. Evans witnessed a vast cultural difference in his Thailand office, especially after an...

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