Ethical Practice and Legislation

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Ethical Practice and Legislation
Michelle Millan
University of the Rockies

The American Psychological Association’s work towards establishing the ethical code of conduct is to assist psychologists with maintaining integrity and building trust with their clients. The guidelines that have been set forth come from years of experience by members of the APA dating back decades. They have earned their respect and acknowledgement with their efforts to train, educate and implement the code of ethics for psychologists to utilize daily. The ethical code of conduct is a vital part of a psychologists work. The APA created the informed consent to prepare the patient to understand the professional and legal aspects of counseling with the intention to engage the client with their own treatment while setting boundaries and limitations for the psychologists and patients. The APA takes pride in understanding the importance of conflicts with legislation and provides steps to address those situations. The American Psychological Association continues to strive towards assessing and revising any ethical codes that may need adjustment and will remain a foundation in the world of psychology.

Ethical Practice and Legislation
The APA Ethical Code of Conduct was established well over fifty years ago. The core reasons the APA developed best ethical practices is to create an explicit value system that is applicable to a full range of activities and role relationships. The APA Ethical code of conduct was developed by members of psychology who wanted to establish the broadest ideas that allow for revision and development and were written broadly to tolerate unique situations. The APA ethical code of conduct is recognized to protect the integrity of the field of psychology. The APA ethical code of conduct begins with the informed consent allowing the patient to fully understand the process of treatment along with setting the boundaries for confidentiality. The APA Ethical Code of Conduct creates the guidelines for professionals to educate their clients about their rights and responsibilities for their treatment. How APA Educates Professionals about Sound Ethical Conduct

The purpose of the ethical code of conduct is to establish integrity of a profession, education and professional socialization, create public trust and enforcement in all fields in psychology. The education provided by the APA advances the science and practice of psychology for the benefit of the public through educational institutions, programs, and initiatives (APA, 2002). There are many aspects that allow the APA to educate professionals in sound ethical conduct. The APA imbeds the ethical code of conduct within its education through accredited programs in undergraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral programs for clinical, counseling, and school psychology. The APA reinforces their education of ethical code of conduct for beginning professionals within the internships programs they work. The APA continues to improve the qualifications and usefulness of psychologists by establishing high standards of ethics, conducts, education and achievement (APA, 2002). The APA continues its education through rules and procedures established within the code of ethics. The APA Ethic committee also provides speakers for workshops and education-related programs in a wide range of venues (APA, 2002). APA Provides a Mechanism for Professional Accountability

One of the APA motives behind establishing the ethical code of conduct is to ensure professional accountability is maintained. This requires the psychologists to provide the client with an informed consent. Obtaining an informed consent to therapy in APA Standard 3.10, informed consent, psychologists have an important role to inform clients/ patients as early as feasible in the therapeutic relationship about the nature and anticipated courses of therapy,...
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