Ethical Organizations Profile

Topics: Ethics, Decision making, Confidentiality Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: February 20, 2010
Ethical Organization Profile
 A code of ethics set out a broad-spectrum of principles regarding an organization's beliefs on matters such as operation, value, confidentiality or the environment. Codes of ethics are common channels to decisions concerning the actions of employees in an association. In our organization there exists a formal code of ethics. Our code of ethics consist of standards like conflict of interest where we state that we must stay away from circumstances where individual interests could conflict, or become visible to a conflict, with the interests of the corporation. Our character depends not simply on our high quality services and products but moreover on the manner in which we carry out our relationship with suppliers, government officials, businesses and others outside this company. Our code of ethics also includes conformity with laws, rules and regulations where our company and our employees are required to observe the laws, rules and regulations of each country in which we operate. Another thing is security of confidential information which declared that no employee shall without proper authority access, modify, divulge or make use of any trade secrets, confidential commercial Group or private information for any purpose other than legitimately carrying out his or her responsibilities. Next is the safeguarding and proper use of company assets this includes being accountable for the establishment of, and adherence to, procedures that guarantee our assets are not put in a risk or used wastefully. Another thing which is stated in our code of ethics is the relationships among customers and suppliers where every one of our employees has the responsibility to make certain there are no compromises in delivering the highest standard of services and products and that each aspect of our operations which impacts upon quality promotes and reflects these standards. Nobody should receive unfair advantages of anyone in the course of...
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