Ethical or Not

Topics: Natural environment, Sociology, Natural resource Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In the socioeconomic view, management’s social responsibility is not just making profits, but should also include protecting and improving society’s welfare. Organizations are responsible for both stockholders and the society. Nau believed that apart from making profits, companies have an equal responsibility to create positive social and environmental change. Does Nau’s approach to doing business really match its belief? In the following, whether Nau’s approach to running business is ethical and socially responsible will be discussed. In the design area, Nau utilizes more sustainable fabrics. It conforms to the greening of management. In my view, Nau may be adopting the activist approach to being green because it takes the initiative to preserve natural resources and protect the natural environment by using more sustainable fabrics . Under this approach, Nau exhibits high degree of environmental sensitivity and is socially responsible. However, I think there is also another possibility that Nau may be adopting the market approach. Under this approach, the organization is responding to the environmental preferences of their customers and is socially responsive. The market approach shows lower degree of environmental sensitivity than the activist approach. In the sales area, Nau makes use of the Web and customers can purchase from the Web through self-service kiosks in the store. Nau may be adopting the stakeholder approach because it works to meet the environmental demands of various stakeholders including employees, suppliers and the community. It is socially responsive. This approach diminishes the in-store inventory and reduces the use of energy and materials. Since less energy and fewer materials are used, less greenhouse gas is produced through energy generation. This decelerates rate of global warming and natural resource depletion. It is wise for Nau to carry out this action because this action saves operating expenses and respect and protect the natural...
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