Ethical of Salvation Army

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: August 27, 2012
This essay will explore the ethical and legal frameworks which are practiced in Salvation Army. Also examine the application of Nga Takepu in the organisation of my placement. As I progress with the research of the ethical and legal frameworks of Salvation Army I will be pointing out the presence of Nga Takepu. Ethical Organizational Profile

The Salvation Army’s ethical and moral responsibility to the community goes back in history from its framework to the organization. “William Booth embarked on his ministerial profession in 1852, desiring to win and Influence the organization’s social responsibility, identifying the organizations social initiative, and their potential ethical and moral effects on social society. The Salvation Army’s social responsibility, it moulds to such as; religious ideals, how their organization can support and help roll the local economy and local politics.(Organisation profile: The Salvation Army) Organizations employ many different people of different characters and backgrounds. Individuals bring with them their own morals and beliefs of what ethical behaviour is., Salvation Army does this by creating an ethical culture that includes an Ethical Code of Conduct, policy manuals, mission statements, and ethical training. The key to success is a solid ethical culture. Ethical dilemmas, also included code of ethics: Chain of Command, Reporting Violations, Compliance Hotline, No Retaliation Policy, Conflicts of Interests like: Outside Activities, Gifts and Entertainment and Hiring Relatives; Corporate Opportunities, Financial Reports and Internal controls, Use of corporate Funds, and Assets, Using Computers, Communication Equipment, and other Technical Resources, Disclosure of Financial Information, Anti-harassment Policy, Equal Opportunity, Our Commitment to Each Other and in the Marketplace, Giving or Receiving Bribes. A framework for ethical analysis.

How do we know what’s morally right?
We know that in one sense...
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