Ethical Management Issues

Topics: Employment, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: April 14, 2011
1. Describe the moral and ethical issues faced by managers dealing with Harassment. How harassment affects other individuals.

Morals and ethics have become important in today’s business world. At times Sexual harassment or harassment of any kind can get to the point to where an individual must be careful when complimenting another, which can lead to an individual losing their job. As it states in the dictionary, “harassment is to irritate or torment persistently. Moral and ethical issues managers may face when it comes to harassment or sexual harasment may be someone that has crossed the line ethically by something as simple as a compliment. The manager must then communicate to his/her employee the seriousness of harassment in the work place. If an individual is not comfortable with something another employee says to him/her, then this can be harassment. Employees are protected under the civil rights act. The affect on other workers when faced with harassment can affect their job performance and affect them socially by causing a hostile or offensive work environment. Sexual harassment can come in the form of making jokes, gestures, comments about one’s body, touching, brushing against an individual or blocking a person’s movement. These types of harassment can cause an individual to withdraw socially and in the work environment.

According to the web site equal rights and economic opportunities for women and girls it states that “another employee cannot take revenge against another employee for making a complaint against them for harassment.” Also, an employee may be forced to take a leave from work for harassment. Employers are liable to prevent or stop sexual harassment of employees. An individual should not have to put up with such and environment that makes them feel uncomfortable, it is the supervisor, manager and employers’ job and duty to keep such behavior out of the work place.

2 .How the relationship between social issues and...
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