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ethical issues with globalization

By carlagrandberry Jan 19, 2014 284 Words
Ethical issues with Globalization
Carla Grandberry
July 21, 2011
Elaine McCarty
XMGT/216- Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

Describe at least three ethical issues resulting from globalization. Well I hope that this is somewhat of what you’re looking for because I really didn’t understand the assignment. The first issue I notice would be the Western culture and corporations putting jobs and communities at a high risk while they exploit cheap labor in the poor countries. By doing this it increase the threat to the environment. The next one would be how America is always trading, buying or helping China. For example China has cars that run off of eclectic and want to know how to make our cars. America will bargain with China and all they want is to still any secrets from use that will help them in the long run. And the last one would be how America is always running to other people help trying to figure out ways to help them and we need help as well. I know they are making some types of deals with the other states or countries if we run to their rescue.

Explain the ethical risks and consequences associated with global business. One of the ethical risks would be kidnapping and bodily threats made by the other countries the United States does business with. The way that the United States are set up to do their trading and buying their employing more people in other countries than they are here in the US. At one point and time I couldn’t see how that was possible but the US is not going to trust the other country with their goods so employees are needed.

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