Ethical Issues With Genetic Testing Essay
Topics: Genetics, Genetic disorder, Mutation, Ethics, Cancer / Pages: 4 (801 words) / Published: Dec 13th, 2015

There are many ethical questions raised when talking about the topic of genetic testing or screening. Some include a God complex or whether is morally and ethically right to perform a test. However, I find it ethically wrong to perform genetic testing upon someone without their consent or to use it without their consent . I also find it ethically wrong to change whether or not someone wishes to have a child based upon a percent or pressure from others. I find it extremely ethically wrong to say that a woman can or cannot get an abortion. An example of one of these issues is Genetic elimination based upon traits being expressed. According to the website,, “...people were chosen for certain jobs because of the expression of genetic traits including gender, height, and strength. This type of discrimination is one of the main concerns expressed by those against the push towards screening for specific traits.” These people are essentially forced out of a job and with no hope of getting that job because of something they can’t change. In addition to being forced out of jobs some are screened for diseases without even a parents’ consent. “What some people fail to realize is that screening is already a part of our everyday lives. It is the law in almost every State in the Union that all infants are …show more content…
According to, “…use of genetic testing to confirm paternity sex selection of a fetus for family balancing reason without the informed consent of all parties involved.” This means they would use the test to determine the sex of the kind without both parents knowing about it. They may even force an abortion, upon the mother without her consent which is extremely wrong because the baby is theoretically still apart of the mother even though to some it is considered a

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