Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion

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Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion

If you look at it from the moral angle, there are many dimensions associated to abortion. It is virtually impossible to give a legal judgment in any case of abortion in quick time because the debate is extremely complex and every single question raises more sub-questions and sub-parts. Nevertheless, there are pro-life enthusiasts who're against abortion and then there are 'pro-choice' who're either partially or completely in favor of abortion. So does the debate on abortion have any end? Probably not. But as individuals we can study and know more about both sides of the story and then form our opinions. In debates on abortion, it is always wise to be unbiased as only that can help you arrive at a better position to conclude anything. Consider these ethical issues on abortion that need to be thought over deeply.

Is it ethically/morally wrong to kill any fetus that has the potential to life? Those against abortion argue that a fetus is very much alive like us and has the capacity to evolve into a complete human being. So killing a fetus is just like killing a human being, which is completely wrong. In response to this sensitive question, pro-choice people come up with their own logical argument. As per the supporters of abortion, there is no fixed definition of "human being" in the womb. Just because a group of living cells exist in the womb, it is not right to call it a "human being". If killing a fetus is wrong, then amputating a hand or a leg in case of accident must also amount to murder. Further, proponents of abortion believe the embryo in a womb must only be considered to be a human after it has reached a certain stage of development. So generally embryos start showing signs of heartbeat development in at least 21 days of conception. Hence, if killed before, it won't amount to killing a life. This argument is further said to be misleading by anti-abortion groups because according to them, if a cell has life, it will...
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