Ethical Issues in the Counseling Practice

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Ethical Issues in the Counseling Practice
“Ethical Issues in the Assessment Process”
Two important ethical issues in the practice of counseling are described below: a) Keeping Relationships Professional
* Dual relationships
* Bartering
* Multiple clients
b) Professional Responsibility
* Advertising & Soliciting Clients
* Credentials
* Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation

Dual Relationships: Refers to the professional’s assuming two or more roles simultaneously or sequentially with the person seeking help, such as friendship and business deals. Judgement is likely to be affected, impaired as the relationship of counsellors and clients in power and status is unequal, thus exploration may occur. Bartering: Is the practice of counselling for goods and other services, cleaning house, secretarial service, etc. But even so, in some cultures and subcultures, bartering is acceptable. Multiple Clients: When the counsellor is seeing multiple relatives in a family, he should clarify his relationship with each member by keeping equality with the other members. He should also be clear how to deal with disclosure by a family relative. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY

Knowledge of Standards
Counselors practicing the profession should have knowledge about the following: * Knowledge about standards code of ethics
* Professional competence: The counselor should have professional competence to practice the profession. Following competencies are required in this respect: * Boundaries of competence: A counsellor should work within boundaries of his/her competencies, i.e., education, experience, personal awareness, skills, specialty areas, etc. * Monitor effectiveness: Seeking out peer supervision to evaluate their efficacy. * Dynamic learning: is the continuing education that is essential to get oneself up-dated in the field. * Impairment: Is refraining from professional service...
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