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Topics: Water supply, Water crisis, Water resources Pages: 12 (4518 words) Published: December 22, 2012
LUONG TRAM ANH – s3269577
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LUONG TRAM ANH – s3269577
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
Executive Summary3
II. Natural Environment5
1.Sustainable Packaging and Minimizing Waste Issues5
2.Water Usage Issues6
II.Workplace Ethics9
1.Workplace Ethics Definition9
2.Findings of Concern Regarding Ethics at the Workplace9
3.Unilever, PepsiCo and Nestlé In Light of Relevant Issues10
1.Natural Environmental Issues12
1.1 Packaging Issues12
1.2 Water Issues12
2.Workplace Ethics Issues13
V. References15
1.Academic Journal Articles15
2.Other References15

Executive Summary

This report provides critical findings, discussions and comparisons of specific issues under the two topics: Natural Environment and Workplace Ethics in relation to three listed companies from the food and beverage industry. They are Unilever, Nestlé and PepsiCo. The report uses several academic journal articles in order to further analyze the topics. Results of the research show that each company is indeed dealing with numerous risks and problems concerning the environmental issues and also ethics programs at the workplace. Regarding the Natural Environment, all the three companies are extremely concerned about the matters of water usage as well as sustainable packaging and minimizing waste. On the other hand, Workplace Ethics seems not to be a simple issue to cope with either. The three firms are facing several problems relating to ethics program such as the relationship between higher and lower-level employees; the trust and transparency of leadership or the pressure of the employees to compromise the companies’ standards of conduct. The research team finds out that while some companies are in a rather positive position, some are quite not. These areas of deficiency require such urgent actions from the management team. Recommendations discussed include balancing between the companies’ profitability and protecting the environment, developing a system to examine the water usage or effectively restraining the use of packaging along with properly planning the ethics program, calling for help and contribution from the employees.

I. Introduction

Ellen Pearlman (2008) stated that customers and global head directors were “in lockstep” in choosing environmental concerns, including climate change, to be the most important issue that will be confronted in a period of the next five years. It is safe to say that even the management is starting to feel concerned about what the customers have already recognized as the most urgent worry. In this research, the team will examine how the three companies mentioned above deal with the environment. In particular, the team will find out what the most dominant global issues of concern to environment of the three companies are as well as concentrate on how these firms’ sustainability strategy has taken effects in reducing their impacts on the environment. On the other hand, the research will look into the firms’ workplace ethics as well. According to Joseph (2000), ethics standards are an instrument used to influence the way employees think about and tackle ethical issues following their jobs. Therefore, the team will look at how much each organization is putting their efforts into ethics programs at work and also the actual outcomes of these ethics practices. Such a study should indicate an understanding of the two topics of Natural Environment and Workplace Ethics in the three listed companies and hopefully contribute suggestions on how these issues could be improved.

II. Natural Environment
According to...
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