Ethical Egoism

Topics: Stakeholder, Ethics, Immanuel Kant Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Part A (a): Ethical dilemma
Kate is faced with the dilemma is weather to report about the contaminated milk to the Queensland Food Safety Authority (FSA). Ethical egoism
Under ethical egoism, Kate should report the issue to the food safety Authority. Because under the ethical egoism it is maximising the self-interest which she doesn’t want to see customers get ill and furthermore the business get bad publicity. Also being rewarded as a most honest person in the restaurant she doesn’t want to be an untrustworthy person. Utilitarianism

Under utilitarianism, Kate should report the issue to the FSA. Utilitarianism is all about the greatest good overall (Low, R 2012). In this scenario we can see some possible results if Kate report the issue to the FSA. The respective customers will not get sick; restaurant will not get a bad publicity so mike would not have to retrench the staff including herself and being awarded the most hard working and honest employee last year she doesn’t want to lose her reliability. And also there are some negative results can be occurred. She could lose her job, have to buy the required milk for retail price and also if the inspectors are send out restaurant will lose an entire day of service.Although the greatest number of positives overall indicate the theory of Utilitarianism which Kate should report the issue to the FSA.

Not only that according to the Bentham’s features of happiness that if she does report the incident restaurant may get long term happiness by not having any bad publicity or bad financial occurrences due to selling contaminated foods. Kantian ethics

Under Kantian ethics, Kate should report to the FSA. Selling or let someone to consume contaminated milk is not acceptable. So if everybody in the food industry does the same thing, what would happen to the entire society, who consumes those foods? In this sort of situations Kantian expressed that the Universal acceptability which people should not make...
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