Ethical Dilemna

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Ethical Dillemma Case Studies
Professional Accountants in Public Practice

Case Study 1

Outline of the Case: A junior member of staff has just returned to work after taking special leave to care for her elderly mother. For financial reasons she needs to work full time. She has been having difficulties with her mother’s home care arrangements, causing her to miss a number of team meetings (which usually take place at the beginning of each day) and to leave work early. She is very competent in her work about her absences are putting pressure on her and her overworked colleagues. You are her manager and you are aware that the flow of work through the practice is coming under pressure. One of her male colleagues is beginning to make comments such as “a woman’s place is in the home’, and is undermining her at every opportunity, putting her under even greater stress.

Viewpoint: Manager

Statement of the Problem: Work flow through the practice is coming under pressure. A staff who is juggling her work and duty as a family member which interfere on the staff’s job performance. As a manager, how can she precede so as not to

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