Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice

Topics: Black people, White people, African American Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Notes on Blaxploitation and Beyond
* The only actress to benefit from the latter category in the 1950s was Dorothy Dandridge. * The post- World War II era for blacks gave African American actors such as Sidney Poitier and opportunity to rise above previous stereotyped roles. * The lack of progressive film roles for Blacks was Hollywood’s reluctance to imbue black actors with sexuality and strength. * The term “Blaxploitation” was used to loosely describe most Hollywood and independently produced films that emerged in the early 1970s starring African Americans. * Blaxploitation films were normally produced by white people. * The plot of most of these films echo mainstream Hollywood fare shown from a black perspective.

Notes on Black Film and Black Filmmakers

* In 1910, Bill Foster made a short film called The Railroad Porter. * George and Noble Johnson established the first known black film studio. It was called the Lincoln Motion Picture Co. in Los Angeles. * The Micheaux Book and Film Company took over where Lincoln left off when it produced its first film, The Homesteader and followed the following year with Within Our Gates * During the Harlem Renaissance, the Colored Players Film Corporation of Philadelphia used all black casts to produce a series of films. * The first period was to promote the contribution of blacks in the world of film, and to prove to the world that blacks were capable of making films.

Film: "One Down, Two to Go"-1976
Being that I don’t normally like older movies, this movie was actually pretty good. To me, it showed how white people acted towards black people still even after slavery. Blacks were still mistreated. I think this movie was a Blaxploitation film because the star of the movie was indeed black and instead of the normal, black men dies and white men live, stereotype, it was completely reversed. It was a Blaxploitation because the Black man in the movie even had white women as...
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