Ethical Dilemma Paper

Topics: Ethics, Murder, High school Pages: 5 (1430 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Kiara Jackson
Professor: Antoinetta Graham
21 April 2015

Ethical Dilemma

One of the most difficult trials I face in my life are ethical and moral dilemmas. An ethical dilemma is more consistent with my everyday life than a moral dilemma. Ethical dilemma is defined as situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable fashion. Every day I am faced with decisions of right and wrong most of which are easily and correctly dealt with. Sometimes decisions need to be made that are not easy or clear, however they require thought and often prayer. I have encountered several dilemmas throughout my lifetime, but only one that has made a huge impact on my life. It was the night of June 4, 2011 where I attended a high school graduation party for all high school graduates. The party was hosted by a friend of the family (Annie Pinellas) who threw parties annually for the high school graduates at her home, providing free food, drinks, DJ, etc. It was my third year attending the graduation party where everyone from different high schools, cities, cultures, would get together for a night of fun. During the party we would shoot videos, dance, take pictures, rap and sing pretty much everything just enjoying one another. As the night went on more and more people started coming and the house party turned into a block party being that it was so many people that everyone couldn’t fit into the yard or porch. Shortly after midnight around 2am joy turned into grief as bullets started flying out of nowhere over the loud music. With hundreds of people in presence everyone the crowd dispersed in all directions trying to protect themselves from what was happening before their eyes. People dropped to the ground, ran behind houses while others jumped over fences. Everything happened so fast that I ended up on the ground behind a neighbor’s house ducking for cover. The shots fired lasted approximately 10 min which was enough to frighten the crowd. At this point I didn’t know what to do all I could do was pray to god that no one was hurt and think about is where was my Twin sister and whether or not she was okay. As soon as the shots were clear and I found my sister I heard sirens, tires screeching, screaming and yelling. Immediately I walked upon the porch of where the party was located to check on my friend who was the DJ and there I seen (Hassan Ortiz) lying supine (on back) shot in his upper chest area and unconscious. I was speechless and very terrified being that I didn’t know whether or not Hassan was actually dead or not. As the Police and ambulance arrived we discovered that there were also three other people that suffered gunshot wounds two women and my friend’s brother. While the investigators where on the scene, asking questions and collecting evidence everyone was at total shock and disbelief. When the paramedics took the victims away there was something that I noticed about Hassan. The way that his body was positioned on the stretcher gave me that instinct that he was deceased because his body was slumped over. As soon as the victims left the scene everyone went to the Florida hospital nearby to check on the victims to see if they were okay. The hospital staff provided information for everyone except Hassan stating that he wasn’t at the hospital giving his mother the run around. After waiting approximately 3 ½ to 4 hours on the morning of June 5, 2011 the hospital finally announced that Hassan was DOA (dead on arrival) and didn’t make it. At this point I didn’t know what to do being that I had just practically witnessed someone that I grew up with get killed on his own porch. My emotions were all over the place because that could have been me or anybody else that were just an innocent by-stander at the time of the incident. The investigation raised allegations of gang violence in Kissimmee, which police denied but the city’s most-...
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