Ethical Dilemma - General Studies in Advanced Education

Topics: Education, History of education, High school Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: April 19, 2013
David Seth Fryar
Reflection Statement 1
MWF 9a

En route to a meaningful career, it is oftentimes necessary to receive a formal education in the field that one wants to pursue. This education opens one up to the job opportunities that will provide sufficient income and open enough doors to allow that person to obtain the employment they desire. Many fields unyieldingly require this education, complete with a degree, to even consider look at your resume and consider you for a position. Now, an education is not easy to come by. It is expensive and takes years of consistent hard work and diligence. Oftentimes, the student finishes their studies burdened with debt. They are not only leaving their education started from ground zero, but instead, starting below zero. It is important for him to be able to make money in order to overcome this debt, about default on his loans, and become financially healthy. It is important for their education to be focused, streamlined and as inexpensive as possible. That way, he can graduate sooner, begin working younger, and therefore for a longer period of time, and position himself to become more successful. In addition to this, for many, money is likely not their only motivating factor. It can be easy to go down a path that you think will be what you want to do; only to find out it isn’t. If you are able to more quickly get through school, and do it cheaply, it becomes easier to change career fields and ultimately land a career in something that would provide not only financially for you, but emotionally as well. I believe that general requirements do add to one’s overall well roundedness as a person and helps them in understanding the world around them, but I believe that it something that should be the responsible of the individual to explore and let evolve in their personal lives. It is important that one can pursue their career path with a streamlined education, as those things that contribute to us become more...
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