Ethical Dilemma at Workplace

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Ethical dilemma Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Introduction – What is an ethical dilemma?
Ethics is the term we give to our concern for good behavior.  It is human nature to not only be concerned with our own personal well being, but also that of others and of human society as a whole.  The difference between moral dilemmas and ethical ones, philosophers say, is that in moral issues the choice is between right and wrong.  In ethical ones, the choice is between two rights.

Everyday I'm faced with decisions of right and wrong, most of which are easily and correctly dealt with. Sometimes however, decisions need to be made between right and right which are not easy or straightforward. They require intuitive understanding.  Even the opinions or actions of friends faced with similar dilemmas may not be helpful.

Thinking about many ethical dilemmas I have come across at workplace, this particular one definitely overwrites the others.

The Dilemma
I see such kind of people everywhere, at work, in school, on streets, practically everywhere.  They are those lazy ones who want to take credit for others’ work.  Just that this time it was a little different.  He was a close friend with family liabilities and who needed paid time off whenever possible.  His name was Amit (Name changed to protect privacy). Due to an ailing mother, he had to dedicate a large amount of his time and resources towards her.  He was one of my five Team mates in Marketing team and our primary task was to prepare presentations on the new product launches and present it to the clients.  We had to work long hours during weekdays and sometimes we had to put in extra hours during the weekends. Amit was mostly present during work hours on weekdays but he never used to stay up late and work with the team for long hours and almost never during the weekends.   Every team was provided with goals and sales targets and that’s how team was evaluated for promotions, raises, etc. It wasn’t a company policy but it was just our proactiveness to get...
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