Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Informed consent, Confidentiality, Ethics Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: November 12, 2006
Based on the Decision Making Model:
1. Identify the Problem:
See Ethical Dilemma Handout
2.Potential Issues Involved:
•Maria is a minor
•No signed Informed Consent
•Dual Relationship/ Neighbor
•Underage Drinking
•Possible Pregnancy and/or STD
• Self mutilation
•Rural community, cultural differences
•Maria (client) asks not to inform parent/ legal guardian for fear of his reaction. •Father approaches therapist in an unprofessional setting and wants to information regarding his daughter. •Maria goes to school with the rapist.

3.Review Basic Ethical Guidelines/ Laws
a.A.2.a. Informed Consent; A.2.b. Types of Information Needed; A.2.d. Inability of Give Consent: First and foremost, the therapist needs to explain the purpose of counseling and the counseling relationship to Maria in a way that ensures that she understands purposes, goals, techniques, procedures, limitations, potential risks, and benefits of services. Also, Maria needs to understand the role her father will play in the counseling procedure as her legal guardian. b.A.2.c. Developmental and Cultural Sensitivity: The therapist needs to communicate with Maria in a developmentally appropriate way. The therapist also needs to make sure that she is sensitive to the cultural differences that may present themselves such as the differences between rural and urban communities. c.A.4.d Avoiding Harm: The therapist needs to sure that her actions are not inflicting any kind of harm on Maria or any individual involved. d.A.4.b. Personal Values: The therapist needs to be aware of her own personal values, and make sure not to impose personal values in the context of the therapeutic relationship. For instance, the therapist needs to understand her views on abortion and how these views may affect the manner in which she counsels Maria. e.A.5.c. Nonprofessional Interactions or Relationships (Other than Sexual or Romantic Interactions or Relationships); A.5.d. Potentially...
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