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Renarta Mentis
University of phoenix
Theresa Edwards
Ethical Dilemma in the work place
October 13, 2014

What is Ethical Dilemma’s in the workplace? A dilemma usually arises when there is conflict between staff, and their individual opinion. An Ethical dilemma may occur within two or more people, almost all workplace has ethical dilemma’s reason is staff may all come from different socio-economic backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Ethical Dilemma’s in the work place are common issues, and can be a daunting issue. It can cause an employee not to like their job, or cause a bad impression on others. Many of the different dilemma’s that can be faced are favoritism, sexual harassment, termination of an employee without notice, unnecessary delay in pay, working for more than one organization, not doing your job, and taking excessive leave, the list can go on and on. It can also cause a person to have unwanted stress. As a counselor one’s job title is working as a trainer on the floor assisting developmental adults with piece work, counseling individuals when needed, and complying with state guidelines, ensuring that all yearly documents are received, and filed, Individualized service plans are done twice a year, and ensuring the health and safety of all individuals. Each case load consist of 10-20 individuals. This work usually comes with a dead line, sometimes it also comes with all staff assisting with the order, to ensure that it is completed, checked, packed, and shipped in a timely fashion. Employee X was hired as a counselor on his first day on the job his job duties was again told, along with his training. However he refused to work as everyone else. Many of times he has been caught locked away in the office refusing to help or assist with the other individuals. Counselor Z has spoken to counselor X, however nothing has changed. Eventually counselor Z...

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