Ethical Decisions and Responsibility

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Ethical Decisions and Responsibility
Richard DeSordi
Law, Ethics And Corporate Governance
Professor Everett L. Bensten, Esq.
February 13, 2013 
Ethical Decisions and Responsibility
Running a large corporation or organization will always be challenging. Making sure it is being run ethically with profitability only enhances the challenge. To be effective, ethical and profitable Dr. DoRight will need to be able to uphold the “Hippocratic Oath” (Hippocratic Oath, 2013) and identify who he and the “Universal Human Care Hospital” are responsible to and for. Internal Stakeholders

Board of trustees
Under the doctrine of collective responsibility, the entire board is liable for the financial and other consequences of the organization's activities. (Business, 2013) Dr. DoRight is responsible to inform the Board of possible negligence causing deaths of patients and what actions he has taken to correct this. He has done neither putting the board and subsequently the hospital in position to be liable for multiple deaths.

Dr. DoRight was hired by the Board and has a responsibility to the board to be ethical in all his dealings. The board’s interest is keeping the public’s trust in the hospital and hiring people to run it in such a manner it does not lose money. Doctors

As part of the staff of the hospital Dr. DoRight interacts with the doctors on a daily basis, from just casual visits to committees examining new policies for the hospital. He is responsible to safeguard his staff by consistently acting in a moral and ethical matter. All of his doctors were required to take the Hippocratic Oath prior to becoming licensed; they are supposed to put the needs of their patients first. (Hippocratic Oath, 2013) The doctor’s interest is in maintaining a level of patient respect, working to uphold the integrity of the hospital, also keeping the hospital profitable. Regional managers

Dr. DoRight has regional managers he works with; one of them being his Regional Director Compliance Manager whom was instructed to investigate the allegations of patient’s deaths due to staff negligence. This manager has had two years to investigate and has not reported to Dr. DoRight his findings if there were any. Manager’s interest is in the profitability of the hospital as well as patient safety. External Stakeholders

Patients look to the medical profession as the experts and confer to them a high level of trust. As external stakeholders they are important to the hospital to continue to provide a steady revenue stream, Dr. DoRight is not dealing honestly with them by not conducting a more thorough investigation to the allegations of patient deaths due to staff negligence. If these allegations were to be brought out in the open this would greatly damage the public’s confidence in the hospital. The patients expectations are the doctors are looking out for the health and welfare above all else. Community organizations

Several community organizations interact with hospitals; from the Shriner’s to Ronald McDonald house. All of these organizations give the hospital a degree of trust, expecting them to have the patients thereby the public’s best interest at the fore front. The organizations interest is honesty and integrity for the hospitals they support and raise monies for. Pharmaceutical suppliers

Counting on the hospital for continued business and being able to get their pharmaceuticals to the patients through the hospitals network of doctors. The supplier’s interest is in sales of drugs and their effectiveness as well as side effects not caught in their laboratory tests. They look to the integrity of the institution for their reporting procedures and their ethical treatment of patients. Conflicts of Interest between Stakeholders

There are several areas of potential conflict between the stake holders. The patients right to know of staff negligence resulting in deaths as well as the hospitals desire to keep this quite...

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