Ethical Decision Making in Social Work

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Ethical Decision Making

Working and interning in the helping profession and being a practicing Social Worker, I am confronted with ethical dilemmas, whether internal or external, most ethical dilemmas are because by my strong values. Whether I think of doing something unethical or feel as I am doing something that is on the line of being unethical, I talk about it with my clinical supervisor to make another person with more clinical experience aware and to get constructive criticism. Working as a social work, I always have to carry myself in an ethical manner and be sure not to pass my values on a client or another coworker. More than anything, my values could cause ethical dilemmas. Whether it is because of my strong values in wanting to help people as much as I can or my values that go against my peer’s beliefs, they could both become dangerous if I do not stay conscious of my strong value set and constantly bounce ideas off my clinical supervisor. The ethical dilemma that I have dealt with the last few months at my internship, till the client recently discharged is having the want to do whatever I can do to help someone which is part of my values but it could become troublesome if it affects my work. The client that I sometimes showed favoritism towards after reflecting on our conversations, gave more attention than my clients at times after reflecting on my work, and talked about having counter-transference with is someone I went to high school with. Not only did I go to high school with this gentleman, he was in my graduating class and we played on the same high school baseball team together. We have not seen each other in years but because of the intimate relationship we once held, the relationship was difficult to remain clinician and client. This ethical dilemma that I was confronted with for a few months at my field placement had to be talked about with other clinicians that have been in the field...

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