Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare

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Running head: MY NURSING ETHIC

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Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

My Nursing Ethic
Nursing, ethics, and morals all, which are necessary for a nurse to provide, care in a diverse population of individual patients. Nurses deal with individuals with complex needs that encompass physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial issues that the average person cannot comprehend let alone that these things can happen to a man, women, child or family. As a case manager my role requires that I not only look at the illness of a patient but their overall wholeness as an individual. This is a challenge as there are some many complex issues that individuals deal with in life from domestic violence, drug and alcohol, untreated mental illness, poverty, lack of responsibility in health maintenance, and the illness itself whether chronic or acute. The challenges in the role of a case manager is being nonjudgmental and provide support to individuals in their moment of crisis. This nonjudgmental role requires me to consider the individuals worldview since this contributes to their view of reality and their view of what they consider health and happiness against my own personal worldview.

PASSION: Why am I here?
My mother and father had a major impact on my moral values as a child and an adult. Growing up in a Marine Corp family that included members of our military family going to combat in Viet Nam some never to return shaped my moral compass and helped develop my ethical behavior. Not only was I taught to do the right thing but respect authority and to question it if it conflicted with my moral value. This provided me with a sense to do the right thing in all my endeavors though not always perfect it does provide me with a foundation in dealing with complex issues in nursing. Additionally, this author was taught to help where help is needed. A classic example is as a sixth grader stepping up to the school...

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