ethical decision making

Topics: Ethics, Decision making, Morality Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: November 30, 2013

Ethical- Decision Making
University of the Rockies
Mabel Drafton

Countertransference is how therapists distort the way they perceive and react to a client (Corey, Corey, and Callanan, 2011). Therapists are expected to identify and deal with their own reactions with consultation, personal therapy, and supervision that their clients will not be negatively affected by the therapist’s problem. Personal therapy is an effective way for therapists to raise their awareness of probable areas of countertransference. A therapist’s countertransference can brighten dynamics of a client. Countertransference can show itself in many different ways. Therapists also need to know how to make ethical decisions (Corey, Corey, Callanan). Responsibility implies that recognizing any conflicts between professional and personal values and also dealing with them effectively. No one ethical decision- making model is most effective, but professionals need to familiarize with one that best fits them. If you do not adequately deal with discomfort you experience with your client, it will influence your behavior in the future with that client.

This week’s assignment will be discussing a conflict that occurred between a therapist and her client. Her son turns out to be, and her client is insulting all gay people to her, and this is a situation that she is trying to solve without having a problem with her client. Steps will be taking to making an ethical decision and also to a resolution later on in the assignment. The client will be included in making my decisions as well. The APA Ethics Code is important for decision- making in accounting for resolving ethical issues.

Autonomy is the freedom of clients to be self- governing within their cultural and social framework (Corey, Corey, and Callanan, 2011). Nonmaleficence means to avoid doing harm. Beneficence is doing well for others while promoting the well...
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