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Discuss the ethical concepts and dilemmas that are facing Valerie?1 If you were Valerie, what would you do?1
Discuss the types of stressors are being experienced by Valerie. 2 Discuss Valerie’s manager, Waters, in relationship to his ethics in handling business and employees. 4 Discuss the aspects of the corporation culture that contributed to the dilemma. 5

1. Discuss the ethical concepts and dilemmas that are facing Valerie?

Ethically, Valerie needs to be a whistle blower. If she doesn’t, she will be

unethical by association. She would be allowing the unethical behavior to continue.

She really needs to tell the CEO and other top managers of the unethical behaviors of

her manager. Her dilemma is that if she does tell, there is a possibility of her being

deported. There will be a full investigation and the department could be shut down or

re-organized. Either way, she will most likely be terminated. If she does not find a

job within 30 days, she will be deported. She will not only be deported, she will also

not have be able to get her Master’s program paid for. At the present time, the

company is going to pay for her to get her Master’s degree. Not telling, she is also

not being a team player. She is withholding vital information from the other

employees. The other employees deserve to know the unethical behavior. They all

work very hard and at any time could lose their jobs as well. No matter how you look

at the situation, she is between a rock and a hard place.

2. If you were Valerie, what would you do? Why?

“What would I do it I was Valerie?” That is a difficult question because there are many details I would have to take into consideration; whether or not I could get into trouble and be sent back home, will I not be allowed to go get my Masters, if I allow Waters to continue how will it affect the company? Valerie had to decide if her wants were more important than the company, and she decided that what she wanted was more important. She decided that getting her education now was more important than going with her gut and telling someone about the wrongs that were going on. I do not believe I would do what Valerie did. I do understand why Valerie did what she did, but if I was in her place, I would have informed a higher level manager and let them decide what would happen next. I would have done this because it was the right thing to do, and as Valerie, I would not have felt that I would have been penalized for my act. By not telling until months, possibly years after the incidents began, Valerie could get in more trouble. If the company found out that I knew, but had not told, than they may have believed that I was in on it and was covering for Waters. Waters was doing wrong, and the company needed to know right away so that measures could be taken to fix the issue. What Waters was doing was costing the company money because they were not as competitive in the field of perfuming and because the “bonuses” he was giving to certain people cost the company money also. Valerie should have told someone right away. Valerie put her own needs first, and that is not always the correct thing to do.

3. Discuss the types of stressors are being experienced by Valerie.

    I will be discussing the stressors experienced by Valerie.  First, she did not have a

US green card, only a special working visa that allows non-US citizens with special skills

to work in this country for a certain amount of time.  The dilemma for her is this visa is

dependent on the fairness of the company that someone with her citizenship is working

for, and what that meant for Valerie is that if she loses her job, she can no longer stay

here in the states. Secondly, Valerie found out that she has been accepted in the Master’s


References: Hellriegel, D. & Slocum, J. (2009). Organizational Behavior: 2010 custom edition (12th Ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.
Running Head: Integrated Case
Running Head: Integrated Case
Running Head: Integrated Case
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