Ethical Challenge

Topics: Tell, Virtue ethics, Virtue Pages: 1 (449 words) Published: January 24, 2015
#1. I feel like the rights approach and the publicity test would be a couple of ways to approach this situation with a coworker. I would definitely advise him to seek financial counseling for his financial situation and in that they will teach him to save in case be loses his job. So that would help him without telling him that he is going to be laid off. I can justify this decision has I had to go to financial counseling and I changed jobs in the process so I know this works. #2. The common good approach and the utilitarian approach I would use in my response on the questionnaire. You definitely do not want to give a good reference when you know it is not the right thing to do and could affect a lot more people. For instance if your friend was driving a company vehicle and crashed because of drinking you would feel responsible partially and this is how you could justify your decision of the approach used. #3. In the fleshly or worldly body you would definitely want to accept the praises but in the ethical and moral world you would want to be honest and tell your boss the truth. You definitely can more flies with honey than vinegar. I would choose the virtue approach and rights approach. I feel like if you are honest with your boss they will respect you more and it goes further. #4. This is a hard decision to make for most people. For the most part we there is always a superior to your boss. I would fist discuss these repairs with my direct supervisor and if he still tells you to do the wrong thing I would go above his head to his supervisor to save the company money and see where you get doing that. If you get in lots of trouble then at least you can still sleep at night knowing you did the right thing and it is on their shoulders. I think the superior boss will appreciate you more. I would use the common good approach as it will help the company more and also the virtue approach as it will build your character. #5. The fairness or justice...
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