Ethical Behavior

Topics: Manufacturing, Competition, What Would You Do? Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Giang Vu
BA 206/Tue 12pm-1:50pm
Instructor: Tim Hovet
Experiential Exercises
Situation 1. You are taking a very difficult chemistry course, which you must pass to maintain your scholarship and to avoid damaging your application for graduate school. Chemistry is not your strong suit, and, because of a just-below-failing average in the course, you will have to receive a grade of 90 or better on the final exam, which is two days away. A janitor, who is aware of your plight, informs you that he found the master for the chemistry final in a trash barrel and has saved it. He will make it available to you for a price, which is high but which you could afford. What would you do?

In this case, I choose the letter a answer: tell the janitor thanks, but no thanks. Since high school, I know myself that I’m not good at cheating in the exam; therefore, this is never a good choice helping me to pass the exam. This situation is a common one. What I would do is making appointments with my instrument and asking him/her for help. For a person who is studying for scholarship, I believe that they are responsible for what they are doing. If they want the scholarship, at the beginning of the course, they have to make a study plan. And if they know they are not good at Chemistry or whatever subjects, they will discuss with their instructor to find a solution. Situation 2.. You have been working on some financial projections manually for two days now. It seems that each time you think you have them completed your boss shows up with a new assumption or another “what if” question. If you only had a copy of a spreadsheet software program for your personal computer, you could plug in the new assumptions and revise the estimates with ease. Then, a colleague offers to let you make a copy of some software that is copyrighted. What would you do?

I would decide to go buy a copy of the software myself if the software can be helped to make the task is more propitious and...
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