Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Keya Tullos

Bus 100

Professor Marsha Porter


As CEO of The Cheesecake Factory, the most important asset to our company is one thing the Trust in the employee and in our code of ethics Part 2 section C states. “As general rule, you should avoid engaging in Company business with a relative (by blood or marriage), a “significant other” or with another business in which another relative or “significant other” is involved. If such a transaction is unavoidable, you must disclose both the relationship and the transaction to your supervisor, in advance, and obtain approval. You cannot improperly use your position with the Company for personal gain or for the benefit of relatives, friends, or for the benefit of another business in which you have such a relationship. We have built our company off of trust and secrecy, and in saying that our rules are made not to be broken and must remain as such. Reason being that this company has a lot of plans that will eventually be brought into play and we don’t want any problems that will conflict with it. Please don’t use your position for personal gain. We have had employees that would sell our most private information that could cause set us back.

Another issue we have to deal with is solicitation as far as selling goods on our property. In our code of ethics section D paragraph one states: Our Restaurants, Corporate Center, Bakery Production Facility and any other Company facilities should provide a welcoming atmosphere for our guests, vendors, staff members and applicants. We do not want anyone to feel pressured your staff members to contribute purchase or participate in events, goods or services. Managers and supervisors have a special obligation not to solicit or endorse non-Company related goods, services or organizations, as staff members may interpret it as a condition of employment to purchase, accept or participate in such activity.

To elaborate more on the subject we strongly suggest not to solicit because for one it is unprofessional. Reason being it is like bringing your own food to your restaurant to sell, or like bringing your own artwork to an art convention in which you did not sign up for. Another issue is we want our customers to enjoy our customers to enjoy themselves while they are here. Therefore please do not pressure our customers with anything that they have trouble with. For example, if a customer has an issue with ordering off our menu and it is their first time at our restaurant do not pressure them to make a decision or hurry up because you are on their time.

Our most important major roles that are in a restaurant are our supervisors in our code of ethics Section I paragraph 2 states: We believe that all staff members deserve to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. We will not tolerate abusive, discriminatory, harassing or unprofessional behavior from any manager, supervisor, vendor, guest, or co-worker. It is not appropriate to raise your voice to staff members, or to address staff members in an abusive manner. Managers and supervisors may not be threatened, coerce or intimidate staff in any way. If staff in any way. If staff members unable or unwilling to perform necessary job-related tasks as prescribed by a manager or supervisor must use the appropriate coaching and counseling techniques as described in our disciplinary procedures based on the circumstances presented.

In a nut shell we do not tolerate disrespect because that is not what we built. Our servers, servers’ assistants, and bartender are on the forefront of each restaurant so they deserve to be treated in such a manner that they would want to stay and grow with the company. Secondly, we do not accept our managers raising their voices at our servers in public or in private. Neither should they feel threatened or scared to come to work. Finally, and last but not least if the...
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