Ethical and Policy Issues in Research Involving Human Participants

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Assesment1 & 2 of case 6
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atmc enrollment

Activity -1:
Tell me about yourself
Why are you leaving your current position?
What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?
Why do you believe you are qualified for this position?
How do you handle pressure? Do you like or dislike the situation? What technologies have you utilized in your admin work?
What technologies are you an expert with using?
Tell me about your computer skills.

We interviewed in a school, here the staffs use The Student Administration System (SAS) . The Student Administration System (SAS) stores all student information, including contact, enrolment and results details. The database also holds details of the programs and courses offered by the University and is used to manage student financial information. They use it for following purposes:

admit and enrol students
search for student records
search for course, class and program information
enquire on fee information
enter final results

In the quotation, the suppliers will mention their price and timeline for completion of the work. Thus, we have to compare their experience in addition to these. The justification should be based on the budget limit , timeline for completion of the work and work experience in similar field.

Learning theorists have long discussed the process of skill acquisition. When any new skill is being learned, it is typical to find that a loss of performance occurs in overall functioning until that new skill is integrated. For example, a person may be excellent throwing free throw shots in basketball. If that person decides that they want to become proficient at throwing three pointers, there will be a decline in their performance at the foul line while they integrate the new spatial and motor skills necessary for the further distance. Psychologically, this overall functional decreased for a short while with the addition of something that is supposed to lead to improvements can be difficult to overcome.  

This concept applies directly to new installations or modifications to systems. The changes can create a reduction in productivity before improvements relating to outcome goals become visible. An understanding of the process is important in order for the implementation team to stay confident regarding the benefits, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Incorporating implementation strategies into corporate functioning for the team and the customers is important in order to keep drops in morale from sinking the project.  

Implementation strategies may include:
Boosting staff confidence
Change management strategies
Re-defining staff roles
Re-distributing office tasks
Changing team/organizational culture
Team goal setting
Providing staff training/information sessions
External consultants
Informing relevant persons
Temporary reduction of workload
Modifying system

Boosting staff confidence is a bit ambiguous and includes issues relating to educating the staff on outcomes and giving them the tools and procedures to handle problems that arise. Confidence suffers when people feel stranded in a situation where they are ill prepared to meet challenges. Ensuring that the staff will have the necessary resources in order to train themselves and teach others about the system gives them confidence.

Activity 4:
Key message
Delivary method
Length of session
Program manager
The programme manage will collect the issue and circulate it e-mail
Next week
30 mins
Working floor
Program manager
Project status report
1 hour
As needed

Topics to be covered
Who will attend
Overview of the new system
Mr. X
Power point
14 apr-2015
Team -A
Benifir from the system
Mr. X
Power point
14 apr-2015
Team -A...
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