Ethical analysis on the HIV outbreak in the Adult Entertainment Industry

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Corporate Social Responsibility
‘The porn films are not about sex. Sex is airbrushed and digitally washed out of the films...Pornography is about getting yourself off at someone else’s expense.’ (Chris Hedges) Sexuality is a fundamental and essential part of our humanity (IPPF, 2008). Porn however, is not. The adult entertainment industry aims to meet the fantasies and desires of those who consume it. In order to create these fantasies, health measures taken in reality to prevent diseases are rarely used, as many think using a ‘condom is gross, because it suggests that the girl might have a disease, and the idea that the girl might have a disease is a huge turnoff,' (Byron Crawford,2013).Therefore the industry caters to this mentality. Whilst the industry is producing what consumers want, this is done at the expense of actors’ health and well-being. Despite monthly testing, this year 4 performers have been diagnosed between August and September (Daily Mail Reporter, 2013). Many are now calling for laws enforcing use of protection on set. However, laws are unpopular amongst those in the industry and they are reluctant to adopt them as they place restrictions on performers’ rights of self ownership. This conflict not only arises out of eliminating individuals’ rights but also from the assumption that sales and revenue will fall. U.S. Government is concerned with the health of its country's citizens and the message portrayed to society whilst industry leaders are concerned with the fall in revenues this would cause. Unlike governments, Libertarians take no responsibility in how their actions impact on society, as everyone has their own mind and the freedom to make their own informed decisions in line with their self interests. However, it is believed that as humans much of what we learn is from watching other people and listening to others’ experiences. Porn has had the monopoly on showing explicit content and has created extremely stereotypical gender roles. This has lead to a sex obsessed culture created by lack of relevant references. Sex education is on the rise with the adult industry failing to follow suit they may be giving consumers conflicted ideas. Whilst society is proven to understand that there is a difference between porn and reality, it is impossible to know how much of an impact adult content has on today’s youth. Studies show that it is close to impossible to find a man in their 20’s who hasn’t been exposed to porn (Georgia James, 2011). As both a Capitalist and a Libertarian Friedman would disagree with Government intervention. Friedman’s Capitalist view in light of shareholders would oppose the use of condoms in adult films due to the fact that revenues fall as a result. ‘Who wants to watch an instructional video where the guy’s wearing a condom?’(Byron Crawford, 2013). Quite simply no one and this is their concern. 9 years ago condoms were used on set resulting in a 30% loss in revenue (Associated Press, 2013), the practice was later abolished. If history is any reflection of the future, Government intervention would lead to a loss in revenue and would risk the industry going underground in order to bypass laws, potentially resulting in worse conditions. Laws would also prevent free market operation. Currently companies operate without restrictions, giving them freedom. The use of condoms would never be used in a free market as it results in lower revenues therefore, to gain competitive advantage a lot of companies do not use protection. Whilst most adult entertainment companies don’t use condoms there are some that do at their own will. Stripping performers of their free will is not acceptable by Government laws or compulsory company practice. Given that there is a bi laterally voluntary and informed exchange between actors (labour) and production companies (payment) then this exchange is deemed liberally acceptable, it...

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