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Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility at Toyota a Name b Name of the Company

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures cars and also other vehicles like trucks and busses. It has

c Definition of CSR

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulated set of activities which are guided by some ethical and legal principles. Under CSR, companies can decide to take up some initiatives that will help them in complying with the legal standards as well as in making a positive contribution to the society.

d Driving forces of CSR

The driving forces of CSR are many. Firstly, in some countries, CSR is required by laws. For example, in many countries there are environmental laws. These laws require that companies follow some activities so that the environment is not affected. Similarly, in some countries, foreign organizations are required to contribute in the community development projects.

Other driving force is the development of brand image and also revenues. Companies can use their CSR activities and advertise them. This way they create a good reputation for themselves and also can promote their products.

Finally, an important driving factor for CSR is the acceptance of the fact that sustainable growth and development are the only way to survive in the long term. Companies that realize that they can only grow over the long term by helping all the stakeholders to grow and develop set up CSR activities.

e What CSR does your company have

Toyota Motor Corporation has taken the initiative to make a contribution to the sustainable development of the society and the earth through all its business activities in any part of the world. In order to attain this goal, the following CSR initiatives are done by Toyota:

Corporate Citizenship

This is an initiative with which Toyota helps countries on a very large scale. For example, Toyota helps some countries in developing their environmental laws and

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