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Topics: Ethics, Normative ethics, Virtue Pages: 9 (2643 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Assignment 1 - Ethics
Project Management and the Professional - 31272

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Tutorial 2 – Megan

Table of Contents
List of Key Stakeholders2
Stakeholders’ situation from their professed viewpoints3
Bob Stuart (Extension Software):3
New York District Attorney Office:4
Jennifer Granick (Civil liberties):4
Extension Software’s clients and their customers:4
Extension Software’s Employees4
Commercial Software Developers4
Stakeholder Analysis Chart4
Major area of conflict between stakeholders’ viewpoints5
International Codes of Ethics5
Ethical Frameworks5
Ethical Standpoints5
Universalism (absolutism)6
Virtue Ethics6
Justice Ethics6
Ethical Pluralism6
Ethical Standpoints’ Key Differences7
Deontology and Consequentialism7
Relativism, Universalism and Ethical Pluralism7
Deontology and Virtue Ethics7
Stakeholders Ethical Standpoints8
Bob Stuart’s Viewpoint8
New York District Attorney Office’s Viewpoint8
Jennifer Granick’s Viewpoint8
Extension Software’s Clients’ Viewpoint8
Extension Software’s Employees8
Commercial Software Developers8
Individual Opinion8

List of Key Stakeholders
Stakeholders are the people who have direct influence on and/or from the business. Following are the key stakeholders in this case study and what has happened to them in the context: 1. Bob Stuart

Bob Stuart, who works for Extension Software, developed and provisioned licensed gambling management software for online casinos and bookmakers. He is charged by the New York District Attorney for promoting illegal betting in the state using his commercially licensed software. Bob Stuart, with his wife and brother-in-law, was also accused of money laundering. He was strong-armed into a plea agreement by the New York authorities to hack into customers’ system and collect their information to help authorities find the bettors. He agrees to the plea first but on reflection, he changes his mind and decides not to cooperate.

2. New York District Attorney Office
New York District Attorney Office claims that the gambling management software from Extension Software is promoting illegal betting in U.S. The authorities also suspected that Bob Stuart with his wife and brother-in-law were also engaged in money laundering and conducted the raid. The New York District Attorney Office offered Bob Stuart a plea agreement just a day after the raid. The agreement said that Bob Stuart shall help authorities finding the illegal bettors by hacking into Extension Software’s client systems.

3. Jennifer Granick (Civil liberties)
Jennifer Granick is the director of civil liberties for the Center for Internet and society at Stanford University. She shares her idea about prosecuting commercial programmers whose software is used illegally by the consumers. Jennifer also talks about the responsibility of software developers whose software can potentially be misused. She discusses some ethical issues regarding the plea agreement presented to Bob Stuart by the authorities.

4. Extension Software’s clients and their customers
This includes online casinos and bookmakers who use Extension Software’s gambling management system. In this case study, they have the ethical threat of getting their information stolen by the authorities. It also includes the consumers of the software (bettors).

5. Extension Software’s Employees
6. Commercial Software Developers

Stakeholders’ situation from their professed viewpoints
The above mentioned stakeholders have different viewpoint and opinion to the situation. Following are their respective viewpoints: Bob Stuart (Extension Software):
Bob Stuart states that his commercially licensed software is only sold to the bodies outside U.S. as according to the law. He has no knowledge of his software being misused in...
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