Ethel's Chocolate Louges

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Decision theory Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: January 4, 2013
“Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges”

Describe the type of consumer buying decision that best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s.
Limited Decision Making is the type of decision making that requires a moderate amount of time for gathering information and deliberating about an unfamiliar brand in a familiar product category (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2011, p. 80). The limited decision making process requires low level involvement, because consumers expend moderate effort in considering alternatives. The five factors that determine the level of consumer involvement are previous experience, interest, perceived risk of negative consequences, situation, and social visibility. The introduction of chocolates happened in Europe during the 16th century by the Spanish explorers and now can be found in many of today’s beverages, candies, and desserts. With this being said the majority of consumers in today’s society have tasted chocolate in some way, and this shows the first factor previous experience. The second factor is the consumer’s interest in the product. A couple of the ingredients in chocolate are caffeine and theobromine these both are stimulating drugs. The ingredients in chocolate are able to help aid in certain health conditions, such as premenstrual symptoms, headache relief, making consumers even more interested in the product for the second factor. The third factor is the perceived risk of consequences chocolate is not always cheap some chocolate can become terribly expensive. Consumers would not want to go out and buy gourmet chocolate for trick-or-treaters. There are various situations that consumers may need chocolate for such as a snack, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or other holidays. These different situations call for different types of chocolate. Ethel's offers many unique products to include a silver platter, and five collections that are quite distinctive. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges in-store promotions and catching package designs...
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