ETH316 WEEK 1 Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay
The world that we live in has many rules and beliefs that we have adapted to, some of these beliefs are known as ethics. Ethics is what we know of what is right and wrong in life. There exists several types of ethics beliefs but in this case the Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, and Deontological theories will be described and compared because each one of these ethics has many differences. Virtue Theory

The Virtue Theory is known as virtue of ethics, in this theory the focus is on a person characteristics instead of rules or consequences of specific actions. The main focus is when a person is acting with good moral and virtues demonstrating positive attitude towards others. The consequences, intentions, and outcome are not essentially relevant but the emphasis of the theory is based primarily on the person’s virtue, how they express their intentions, and the attitude (Boylan, 2009). Utilitarianism

The Utilitarianism ethic is known for one action being beneficial morally to a group. “the greatest good for the greatest number” & “the greater good” (Boylan, 2009) these are some examples of this ethic which in essence mean that the action done by a single individual should be favorable for the group where he belongs to. An example can be the government because when a politician does something wrong the media goes crazy and many others get affected by this and vice versa (Boylan, 2009). Deontology

This ethic is emphasized in the actions done by individual according to rules. It differs from the virtue theory because of that. The correct action when done will bring good for the person that is doing it or group involved. Deontology also compares to utilitarianism because of the good that comes after actions but the difference is that deontology leans more to action rather than to the consequence. In essence the deontology ethics consists of following the rules (Boylan, 2009). Personal example

A personal example involving myself can be...

References: (Boylan, M. (2009). Basic Ethics in Action: Basic Ethics, Second Edition. Retrieved 11/29/12 from
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