ETH 125 Week 9 Final Project

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Diversity in the United States
Josey Wayne Hudson
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity
Christina Tocco

Diversity in the United States
Information about diversity in the United States from my perspective Actually it is more personal experience, rather than information that has helped me to better understand and relate to others in ways that I may not have in the past. There is one incident that changed my life forever concerning diversity in America. My best friend is African-American. I am White, a mut really. We were enjoying our kids, just we two with our children at a small park. A big truck drove up and parked. There were four big bald white-supremacists watching us – two in front, two in back. They were not eating, they were not talking, they did not meet up with friends...they just sat there, staring at us. They had a confederate flag put up in the back of the truck. After around 10 minutes, we got scared and left. That was the first time I had ever faced a fear of violence from individuals based purely on the color of my friend. I guess they call me a Black-lover or something like that. I always thought that when African-Americans talk about racism, they were kind of just complaining, and always encouraged them to move on with their lives and just ignore it. But it was my turn to experience this racism. I was scared. After that incident, I have never again told any person of color to just get on with their lives and ignore it. And I never will again. So it has been the diversity of my friends that have taught me the most, and given me a better understanding of what they go through. The Constitution

Second only to my friends and my relationships with diverse individuals, it is the focused study of the Constitution of the United States that has in a more formal sense, helped me to understand just how special America truly is. Before my study of the Constitution, I learned it in grade school like everyone else, along with the three branches of government, ad separation of powers. In grade school I only had a peripheral understanding of the Constitution, really. Once I hunkered down and studied the document, I realized that this document is the single most important document on this Earth, politically speaking. Especially when dealing with diversity in America. America is the only nation in the world that believes, and has expressed the concept that all people have innate rights, endowed by their Creator. More specifically, the Bill of Rights were written that provided natural rights to life, liberty and property, and states the federal government has no authority to deny these rights without due process of law. These rights include freedoms of religious organization, speech, a free press, free assembly, and free association, as well as the right to keep and bear arms. In America, according to the Constitution, these rights are not dependent on race, color, creed or gender. There was a time when Americans had slaves, and women and minorities were discriminated against. But the beauty and the brilliance of the Constitution is that it can right wrongs, legally, and then has the power to apply them nationwide. So during the civil rights era, the Constitution was finely properly interpreted and applied. It is strict enough to demand equal rights for all, and flexible enough to reshape it to right wrongs. All other countries believe that it really is the government who gives one certain rights, and the government can control who gets what. America used to be called “the melting pot” because our country is so inclusive of others, no matter their color, race and creed. We are all under the umbrella of American citizenship. Most other nations simply do not reach this far to be fair. It is true that many, many times the concepts and rights in the Constitution are not properly and constitutionally applied correctly. America's legal system, for example, may not be...

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