Eth 125 Racial and Ethic Groups

Topics: United States, Spanish language, Puerto Rico Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Mexican America’s , Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Central and South American’s are the groups I have chosen to write on. It took some time to study these groups as I am one of the typical American’s who seems to link the groups together. I do not mean to be that way, I simply haven’t done a whole lot of research on the matter. What I have discovered is that they are all very similar, but have somewhat different priorities and traditions. It also appears that economic status is a dividing factor. The most common language spoken by Mexican American’s is both English and Spanish. Some call it “Spanglish” there is even a movie with that label, I have a friend who speaks Spanish and when she saw me trying to learn it, she explained that Spanish is more “Slang” now than the traditional way that we learn in our classes or books. She explained that “Spanglish” is so common now even in Mexico that I would be laughed at if I used the traditional vocabulary. Immigrants from Mexico came here looking to fulfill their dreams of making money and becoming educated. Mexican American’s are considered to be poor as compared to the Puerto Ricans or Cubans. They encourage the young women in the families to stay home and help take care of the children while their Parent’s go out and support the families making it hard to get the education that these young women crave. It also makes it difficult to be able to afford the nicer clothing and shoes that their peers in school have. The predominant religion of Mexican Americans is Catholic, and their political views lean towards the Democrats. There are five or more living in each household and many of them are living below poverty.

The Cubans, compared to the rest of the Hispanic population in the United States are older, have a higher level of education, higher median household income and higher rate of home ownership. The largest Cuban communities are in Miami Florida, and West New York. Cuban American’s have...
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