Esther, Research Paper

Topics: Book of Esther, Purim, Esther Pages: 5 (1303 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Old Testament Survey

Prof. Brian Moulton

Angela Bando

March 17, 2013


Subject/Theme of Esther: God will bless the people abundantly for the prayers

and good deeds of His elect people.

While there are many hidden intents of thought in the book of Esther I affirm that the strongest theme in the book of the Bible is that of God's providence. We continuously see in the book of Esther God's grace shown towards those who call on Him. God sets Esther on the throne as queen, saves Mordecai from Haman’s anger and saves the entire nation of Israel from Haman. All the same, we see the people fasting before God for three days, we see salvation in the nation of Israel as well as them praying and asking the Lord to save them from destruction. Not only does God save the people of Israel but he rewards their devotion and trust by empowering them to take retribution on those who wanted to see them annihilated. God’s grace and blessing exceeded everything Israel could have hoped for. Any one that put their trust in the Lord would have foreseen Esther’s situation as dismal, where the people whose land they are living in are planning to wipe them out. Rather than despair, as a godless nation would have done, Israel put their trust in God and calling on His name they were saved from destruction.

How is God's Sovereignty Shown in Esther?

God's sovereignty is seen in numerous ways in Esther. His sovereignty and faithfulness dominate each chapter. God’s sovereignty is best summarized in Mordecai’s admonition to Esther: “And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14). When at times things seemed out of control to Esther and Mordecai, they still trusted in God. They knew that He was at work through it all. God worked through their dark days, their faithful obedience and their victories. The message is that God is sovereign even when life doesn’t make sense. “His ways and thoughts are higher that our thoughts.”

God's sovereignty is also seen in that Ahasuerus chooses not one of the many other woman, but rather Esther, a godly Jewish woman. Also, Mordecai, by the sovereignty of God, overheard a plot to assassinate Ahasuerus, and told Esther who told the king, thus earning Mordecai favor with Ahasuerus.

Continuously we see God's sovereignty shown in chapter five, when Esther went in to plead to the king for her people. Furthermore in chapter 5 we see that, (vs.2) when the king saw Esther standing in the court, she obtained favor in his sight; and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Consequently Esther drew near and touched the top of his scepter. (v. 3) The king then said to her, “What wilt thou, Queen Esther? And what is thy request? It shall be given you even up to half of my kingdom.” Esther then asks for a banquet with only the king and Haman, which the king grants.

Additionally, we see God's sovereignty in that King Ahasuerus could not sleep and became restless. Likewise we see His sovereignty when Ahasuerus called, not for musicians, or food, or anything else, but rather the record books, where he saw that Mordecai had not been rewarded. This caused the king to publicly honor Mordecai, which in turn humbled Haman and raised Mordecai higher up in the eyes of the king and the people of Israel.

In addition, we see in chapter seven, that at the banquet, Esther requested the king to save her people, and revealed to him that Haman is the one who is trying to destroy her people. The king then in his anger walked out of the room. When he came back Haman begged the queen to save him, but Ahasuerus saw Haman on Esther's couch and showed anger towards him. He heard about the gallows that Haman had erected for Mordecai and ordered that Haman should be hanged on them.

Finally we see that through God, all the people of Israel were victorious against those who sought to destroy them....
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