Estella Havisham

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Estella Havisham
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Estella is an obsequious yet proud individual whose harsh upbringing hinders her ability to lead a happy and productive life. She is a bossy, showy, flippant heart breaker who uses her power – her beauty – to wreck havoc in men’s lives. She gets a blatant reality check when she marries Bentley Drummle, who abuses her to the point of desperation and separation. She ultimately learns that the man she thought would provide for her in the highest fashion did not treat her as well as the steady working man who truly, madly, deeply loved her, would have. Estella does not seem to be innately pompous, just misguided and without a strong sense of her personal self. She acts according to Miss Havisham’s orders, and doesn’t actually think for herself about her motives or actions or much of anything until the very end of the story. This is shown by the way she tells Pip that they are part of a greater plan and must follow the orders given. (pg. 266) She has known no adult role model other than Miss Havisham most of her life, and so of course acts in the same cruel, revengeful way, sort of “monkey see, monkey do,” and it doesn’t serve her well. She knows that her beauty captures men’s hearts and that her demeanor crushes them. Pip gives his heart to Estella and finds nothing in return throughout the story. But he is thoroughly warned by the devilish beauty herself in Chapter 29; “ ‘You must know,’ said Estella, condescending to me as a brilliant and beautiful woman might, ‘that I have no heart, - if that has anything to do with my memory.’ ” (pg 259) Estella continues to warn Pip, as if she cares about him just a little, and then ends up marrying Bentley Drummle instead. This turns Pip’s life upside down in exactly the way Miss Havisham would want it to happen, as breaking men’s hearts is exactly what she raised Estella to do. This constant fury towards members of the male sex comes from...
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