Topics: Business ethics, Food bank, Better Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: May 20, 2013
We often hear in the news today stories of food deserts across our nation where healthy affordable food is difficult to obtain. The First Lady even started a program to try and help bring grocers back into urban low income areas. If the Grocer in question would have acted as good corporate citizens they may have been able to address the following issues and possibly prevented the closing of their stores. Company Q could have contributed to the disadvantaged hungry people of their community through the services of the food bank all while improving public relations with their community and employees. It is also possible they could have increased profits by engaging customers and responding to their feedback and requests in a timely manner. Taking these simple steps could have had a positive impact on their community and success and profitability of their business.

As a good corporate citizen, Company Q has an ethical responsibility to contribute to the community. By closing these stores I can see an increase of unemployment and a decrease of commercial property value. Most likely, it left a large building vacant with no hopes of a tenant to occupy the space. Many low income urban areas have become ghost towns with empty buildings after the businesses shut their doors. It is known that grocers in areas like this have very thin profit margins, high employee turnover, high cost of security, and high loss from theft in these high crime and low income areas. I personally feel that the company could have created a better public opinion of the chain and improved issues with their community and employees.
The closing of Company Q’s doors symbolize a failure to accommodate the needs of their community and resistance to their requests. The stores could have increased profits by meeting the needs and request better of their customers. By listening to customer feedback, management could have tailored their orders to what the customers are telling them they would...
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