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Topics: Violence, Violent crime, Aggression Pages: 5 (1689 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The topic I have chosen to discuss is the role that media violence plays in aggression in children specifically as related to Bandura’s experiment. Bandura conducted an experiment an experiment known as the Bobo doll. In the study, young children saw a film of an adult wildly hitting a five-foot- tall inflatable punching toy called a Bobo doll (Bandura A., Ross, & Ross, 1963a, 1963b) Later the children were given the opportunity to play with the Bobo doll themselves and sure enough most displayed the same kind of behavior, in some cases mimicking the aggressive behavior almost identically. The participants for the experiment were 36 boys and 36 girls enrolled at the Stanford University Nursery School. The children ranged in age between 3 and almost 6 years, and the average participant age was 4 years 4 months. There were a total of eight experimental groups. Out of these participants, 24 were assigned to a control group that received no treatment. The rest of the children were then divided into two groups of 24 participants each. One of the experimental groups was then exposed to aggressive models, while the other 24 children were exposed to non-aggressive models. Finally, these groups were divided again into groups of boys and girls. Each of these groups was then divided so that half of the participants were exposed to a same-sex adult model and the other half was exposed to an opposite-sex adult model.

Before conducting the experiment, Bandura also assessed the children's existing levels of aggression. Groups were then matched equally so that they had an average level of aggression. No, I don’t agree nor believe that the media is fully to blame. Partially yes, but not fully, because I believe, the primary purpose of the Media is to serve human beings by rendering to them true facts, but currently Media Violence is adversely affecting the young generation. In reality, prohibiting Media Violence has now almost become impossible for anyone. Possessed by the demon of profit making the world of media is gradually running towards its doom. To survive in the dilemmatic economic conditions media has incorporated violence, sex, and other modes of attraction to earn money. But what’s pathetic is that, this sort of efforts on the part of the media has been thoroughly supported by a considerable number of audiences. So what is really aggression? Aggression, whether on the playground or the battlefield, is arguably the world’s greatest problem. For example, Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson have been looking at the ways in which violent video games may result in heightened violence on the part of those who play games. They have found that people who play such games have an altered view of the world, seeing it as a more violent place. OR are they are more apt to respond with aggression to others even when provoked only minimally (Bushman & Anderson, 2001, 2002; Crawford, 2002; Konijn, Bijvank, & Bushman, 2007). In November, during an NBA game between the Pacers and the Pistons, five players and seven Fans were charged with assault after a brawl instigated by a thrown cup of beer. From the security cameras that were present, the incident highlights how quickly aggression can escalate. OR we can look at it like this Free will versus determinism that is another key issue how much of a person’s behavior is free will and they are acting out in aggression because they want to, and how much is determinism? People who act out in aggression with a notion that their aggression and behavior is beyond their control has been an issue long debated by philosophers the free-will/ determinism is also central to the field of psychology (Dennett, 2003; Cary, 2007. (Page 21) To support my claim and point of view that media is not to blame, Albert Bandura (Page 186) says “Not only negative behaviors are acquired through observational learning. In one experiment, for example, children who were afraid of dogs were exposed to a model dubbed the...
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